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the belgian strategy office

Marketing has become a bit of a conundrum. We aim to simplify it with you to rekindle your relationship with your customers. Because we care!

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We believe in

  • Collaboration

    We work together with your teams and can involve our network of high quality experts to find the best recommendation.

  • Transparence

    Your objectives are met faster and with better results when we work within a trusting and honest relationship.

  • Personalisation

    We don’t believe in one size fits all! We take into account your specificities and current projects to create tailor-made solutions.

Our services

  • Strategy & advisory

    We create clear marcom and work culture strategies that are based on research and a thorough analysis of your targets, but also on your internal capabilities and skills

  • Implementation support

    We ensure you can easily implement your strategy to reach your objectives by coaching your teams or matching you with the right external partners

  • Business development

    We share our experience and knowledge, rolled into recommendations or roadmaps to give you an edge against competitors and help you reach your goals faster

we are


I love change, I adore challenges. So finding the right solution is every time a real excitement for me, like an extraordinary trip to a hidden tresor.

Today’s context means a real transformation for lots of us and what’s coming up will be fascinating too! Challenges makes me, and you feel alive ! So together will find the way…an easy way…through it!

#takethechallenge #positiveattitude  #enjoylife


I’m a digital native at heart, curious user of digital under all its guises, interested in how it DOES bring us all together and I’ll share ideas about it with anyone who is willing!

Empathy begins when you listen, when you acknowledge all the human stories. This, I believe is the basis of any good strategy or efficient coaching. So, let’s hear it out – online, or offline if you prefer.

#badass #gogogo #sharingiscaring

marple & moon & friends

We want to come up with quality recommendations for all our clients.


This is why we have created a network of experts to help us help you, no matter what the objectives are and to ensure great quality, all the time.

Now it’s your turn to tell us all about you, drop us a line: and we’ll get talking

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