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We know that you have been hearing about it every day for almost 8 months, but the covid-19 really is having an unimaginable impact of which we still don’t know all the consequences today. The world doesn’t work like it used to. We have to evolve and anticipate events to minimise their impact. 

For many companies, the sanitary crisis has forced them to review or even build their corporate communication strategy. Companies that had neglected their digital presence and communication felt helpless when the covid hit. 

We are here to help you think and implement your communication strategy and we’re always on the lookout to share with you some of the trends to that can help you develop a real digital presence that is relevant and impactful for your company. 

Today, our focus on snackable content!  

Micro-content is a digital trend that should not be ignored in 2020! This concept is definitely a reaction to the overflow of information we are served every day on our favourite platforms. The mouthful of information is more easily digestible and adapted to our attention span (which is constantly decreasing even if you are not a Gen Z 😉 ).

If the concept has to be illustrated, imagine a table full of tapas in a thousand and one colours! The aim is to inform without drowning oneself, to seduce the Internet user or to educate one’s community! 

The formats are unlimited, but they can be grouped into three main categories: text, visual or animated. The content must be concise, original and entertaining. For example, if you are producing text, you should not exceed 150 characters, if you are putting out about videos, you should not exceed 10 seconds… If you are interested in micro-content, a wave of diversity is on offer (computer graphics, GIF, even…). 
Let’s not forget that micro-content formats must absolutely be adapted to mobile and tablet formats!

Micro-content has a lot of advantages, here are some of them: 

Production is relatively inexpensive. This content requires few means, the design is simple and must go straight to the point. Templates can be created on free platforms (like Canva, our favourite <3) and recycled! 

Micro-content adapts to today’s consumption patterns. Scrolling has become a real way of browsing and micro-content is the most adapted format to today’s consumption mode!

The viral dimension of micro-content. The sharing of micro-content is more important than macro-content. The meme and GIF are the best examples of the viral dimension of micro-content. 

Micro-content breaks the routine. This concept makes it possible to alternate short and long content in order to set up a stronger dynamic! 

Even if it represents many advantages, we must still be careful of some dangers/disadvantages surrounding micro-content!

The danger of synthesizing. It is necessary to know how to process information without staying on the surface and synthesize without impoverishing the idea! 

Inexpensive, but time-consuming. Production is inexpensive, but the micro-content strategy takes as much time as long content. 

Quickly consumed, quickly forgotten. The message must capture attention but also maintain it.

Last but not least, micro content is a key ingredient of your ephemeral content plan and with Stories arriving on LinkedIn, it is crucial to hit it right now!

Are you using micro content already? Do you have a dedicated plan in place? Are you trying and testing? Let’s get the conversation going!

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